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 Pride Rules

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The Pride King
The Pride King

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PostSubject: Pride Rules   Sun Oct 28, 2007 3:46 pm

Please Read
Before continuing any farther into the forum, please take the time to read the rules. It will not be Pride's fault if you get ban for not reading and following the rules. Rules will be updated when needed. So please come by to check often. study

General Rules
Please respect every member in Pride. Do not start any “argument” topic with one another. You will be warned if done so. I especially do not want to hear any racist comments from anyone.

Spamming:: Spamming is not allowed! Any post or topic with just smiley faces will be deleted and you will be warned. If continue making loads of crap post and topic you will just get ban.

Multiple Posts:: Please do not post 2 or more of the same topic and keep posting them in different section of the forum.

Image Posting:: Do not post any nudity or pornographic images, this also goes for your avatars and signatures. You will be asked to remove it within 24 hours. If you don't know how than please private message Moderators or Administrator, do not make a topic on it. If you do not remove the picture within 24 hours of you warning, you will be ban.

Safety Issue:: Personal information is posted on Pride by your free will. Please do not share it with anyone or post it, if you feel uncomfortable with members reading it. Pride will not be held accountable or responsible for this if anything happens; it is your problem.

The Shout Box:: If anyone starts spamming like crazy in the Shout box, or talking shit about other members, you will be ban for a day from the Shout box. When you are un-banned and start to continue doing the same thing again in the chat box, you will be ban again, but this time you will not be un-banned.

Inactive People:: Members who are inactive for 2 months or more, with only 5 or less post, will be deleted. I do not want Pride having a bunch of inactive members and leechers lying around. Only administrators are allowed to delete inactive accounts. Please keep the forum clean as possible; I hate having a messy forum.

Pride will not be held responsible for anything you upload & post. Please do not post/ask for American movies/porn/cartoon to be streamed. They will be deleted if posted. If continue, you will be ban. Only post Asian/Anime movies, but NO porn or hentai.

Allowed Music Upload:: I mostly recommend everyone to upload Asian music, but I am also allowing American music, but remember what I said, Pride is not held responsible for anything you upload.

Links:: I do not want to see anyone stealing links from other sites and posting them on Pride. If you do, they will be deleted. I will not mind if you take stream asian/anime link that are uploaded by others, but be sure to give them credit. I do not want to see anyone stealing links from Pride also. If you continue stealing links from Pride without the permission of the user who uploaded it; you will be ban. Please respect the members who uploaded and the hard work s/he put into uploading for us all.

Illegal Action Notice:: Software, cracks, keygen, just about all them illegal copy right software are not allow in here. You will be warned, than ban if you continue. I do not want to see Pride get shut down for them crap. If you private message someone for it, you will be warned, if it continues on, you will get ban. Do it on MSN Messenger or AIM, but not on Pride.

Requests:: When making a request for music, please have them in one topic; do not make two topics for requests. Be sure to have enough information on your request; that way it will be much easier for your request to be fulfilled. Be sure to use the search button on top, to search for the album/song/movie before you start requesting for it or before uploading. When your request has been fulfilled; your topic will be locked by Moderators.

Moderate Job
Please do not make a post asking to be a Moderator; Administrator will come to you asking to see if you want to be a Moderator in helping the site out. You will not be force to if you don't want to. If you have a complaint against a Moderator for something, please private message Administrator.

Revised By:: proudworks - November 29, 2007; 9:11 PM - Pacific Time

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PostSubject: Re: Pride Rules   Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:11 pm

Just leaving my mark saying that I read the RULEZ.....
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Pride Rules
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